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Rosaline's Jewelry Shop - Adult Sized Bracelets

Rosaline's Jewelry Shop is comprised of the daughters of a fellow teacher. Bella Rose, age 9, and Emmaline, age 6, started their "tiny" business when school stopped in-session classes earlier this year. Their little fingers create small works of art which, in turn, allows them to buy groceries to support the efforts of Must Ministries. Each bracelet is unique (no 2 are alike). We believe in working hard and having big dreams and wanted to help them as best we could. We hope you can find it in your hearts to help as well! Every penny of the sale of each bracelet will be given to Bella Rose and Emmaline to help with their noble efforts to make their community a better place. Please note that sometimes our production gets sidetracked by school, homework, fun, TV shows, playing, trips, chores, and general discontent from "labor laws". Whew! It's hard....but, so awesome...being 9 and 6!

Rosaline's Jewelry Shop - Adult Sized Bracelets

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