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Hillgrove Chorus - Gray Face Mask

This is a Fundraising Opportunity for Hillgrove High School's Chrous Program.


Please use promo code HILLGROVE to make sure your purchase is credited correctly.


Each mask purchased through this Fundraiser will have the Hillgrove Chorus logo on it. Please note that the images on this site are digital representations of the masks with logo.  Each mask is hand-made to order from cotton fabric. Thank you for your patience!


Each mask follows the guidelines of Unity Point Health (Click HERE to see examples of their masks). Features a filter "pocket" to allow an insert of any non-woven filter material. NO filters are provided with your purchase. Each mask has a malleable nose wire sewn in to help with form fitting to face. Your choices of cords that go around your head or ear loops. For cords, choose how you secure them: pony beads or two cord locks ($1 extra). Cords will be in a color that coordinates with the fabric. Ear loops are available in black or white only. Masks are available in three sizes: Adult, Large Child (ages 6-10), & Small Child (ages 2-5).

Hillgrove Chorus - Gray Face Mask

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